Hi all….. I’m happy to welcome you all to my blog. I am Alexander Barnes I love sports and mainly aquatic sports like swimming, rowing and surfing. During most of my vacations I have spent my time with family in such aquatic sports centers or beaches as it gives me a great deal of pleasure. Even in my childhood days these sports have attracted me towards them. Some of my other hobbies are reading, dancing and cooking. I am writing articles for the past 4 years. It has been my pleasure to share my knowledge in the articles which I write and also a feeling that my experiences in various situations and fields are not wasted.

I was working in media and resigned my job recently and started writing blogs full time. This work gives me an internal satisfaction and allows me to develop my writing skills. I am also interested in writing short stories based on the real life incidents and doing research for the same. Rowing is one of my varied interests it was a good experience for me writing this article in which I have quoted some of my personal experiences also.

I started this sport during my college days and still following it during my free time. It gives peace of mind and a sort of joy to my heart whenever I return from the waters. Hence I suggest you all to try rowing at least one in your life time so that you will not regret missing such a wonderful experience later.