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Rowing is not only a hobby or fitness exercise it is considered to be a profession for many sports persons. There are many competitions held in this category and it is also awarded with respective awards. Some types of major rowing techniques are described in the article in detail.

Side-by-side – This is one of the most popular forms of rowing competition held all over the world. It is also known as sprint racing. A minimum of two boats is required to conduct this competition as the number can be increased according to the width of the river of water body where the race is going to be held. 2 kilometers is the standard length that is raced in competitions like world rowing championships and Olympics.

Stake Races – This one of the early forms of race held in America. In this race the competitors should reach a fixed distance then take a 180 degree turn and return to the starting point. Taking such turn will not be an easy task it requires great deal of concentration and skills.

Head Races – This form of racing will be conducted usually in autumn season to spring. The boating will start with a difference of 15 – 20 seconds along with distance according to the delay in start. The competition may be held for both short distance and long distance.

Bumps Race – It is a boat race similar to marathon. Here the team members will be waiting at definite distances along the course of river. This race will last for a few days as it covers a long distance. A bump will be awarded to the boat that hits or makes a contact with another boat hence damages to the boat and equipments will be very common in this type of race. The finish line of the game will be the starting line for the next year’s competition.

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