How Does Rowing Help In Maintaining Fitness?

advantages of rowing

Fitness is very important for a person. There are various methods followed by many people in order to maintain their physique. One of the best ways to maintain the fitness is rowing. There are many gym equipments that are designed based on the rowing technique. Rowing and swimming are the two works that make use of many muscles in various parts of the body.

They help in burning the fat in the body and keep a person fit. Rowing includes nearly each and every part of the body and also concentration in order to sync with the movement of the other team mates and boat to make the sailing smooth. This work also develops the stamina of the person if the practice is done regularly. It is important to do the rowing in limit else it will cause other complications in the physique as any work overdone will not be good.

This is one of the workouts that have less possibilities of external injury. This action is considered to be natural and does not require any odd positioning of the person. As this work is done by the person in a sitting position there is no stress applied on the knees. Only disadvantage of this work will be the stress on the back which shall also be rectified by using the proper positioning that allows the legs to take the pressure and reducing the pressure on the back.

This is an exercise that allows both the upper body and lower body to do the work and make the fullest use of the energy in the body in a simple action. An average of 600 calories is burnt by this action if it is done for about one hour. To burn the same amount of calories by any other action like cycling will take about one hour and eighteen minutes to complete.

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