Role Of Oar Flexibility In Rowing

oar flexibility

Rowing is one of the popular time pass for many people and it is also considered to be a good fitness exercise. Rowing has some techniques to be followed as it will make the experience easy and better. Some of such methods are discussed here.

First is the oar flexibility in the boat. In order to make the boat move oar plays a vital role. The rower’s body force and the pressure in the oar movement will take care of the boat movement. A certain amount of pressure will be applied on the foot board and according to the pressure exerted on the oar it will be bent as the oar lock will give force in the opposite direction making a bow shaped bend. The level of bending and the stiffness of the oar can be decided by the user i.e. rower himself to make his rowing comfortable.

Usually the oar bends at the stroke which is very powerful. The pressure on the oar can be shared by the body force as it will make the rowing easier. It is believed that more the shaft is soft the pressure over the body will also be less. Winds in the place also play a vital role in the speed of rowing as their direction may support the rowing and the other might bring difficulty in the work. Angle is another factor that has to be noted while rowing.

The shaft length will also decide the angle of rowing, for a person with good height oar with a lengthy handle can be preferred and the vice versa also works for a short handled oar the person with less height will be suitable. Blade size will also matter here if the shaft length is long then small blade can be preferred and the big blade shall be used for short shafts.


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