Various Types Of Boats Available For Rowing

 Types Of Boats

Various Types Of Rowing Boats

There are various types of rowing techniques and boats in use. Usually a scull or boat will be decided based on the number of people who are going to sail and type of stream in which they are going to sail. Most of the types of boats that are described in this paragraph are use for leisure and fishing purposes by the locals.

Pilot Gigs – These are the boats with six fixed seats that is 4 feet and six inches wide and 32feet long. They are usually built by the wood and connected with the help of copper nails. These boats are not used for any professional business but are favorite time pass for many. This type of boat is also used for conducting local races which act as attraction to the tourists.

Fine boats – This is the most common and type of boat that is used in competitions like Olympics. It can be further classified in to two out of which one will have only one oar and is name as sweep boat and the another type will have two oars for one person itself and is named sculling boats. Both the types have 5 different categories in them that include 8+, 2-, 2+, 4+ and 4-.

Coastal Rowing – this is the type of rowing followed in the countries like U.K and Channel Islands where the sea coasts are present. These boats will have half staggered seats and will be slightly short and wider. These types of boats will be used mainly for leisure fishing purposes.

Surf Rowers – This is another type of famous adventurous sport where the boating will be done on rough streams. This sport is also conducted as competitions in certain places. This boat will be similar to the sweep boats that are mentioned earlier.


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